Prayers for Special Intentions

It is my hope that people who want us to pray for them will email the webmaster or myself and their prayers will be placed on the site. It means that those who look at the website will hopefully remember those who have asked for prayers and we will also bring these prayers to Mass with us.

Your prayers are asked for :-

Mark Cheminais James & Josephine Bell
Margaret Smith  
James Scales  
Peter Kelly  
Nicholas Metcalfe  
Paul Kennedy  
Irene Desmet  
Peter Ward  
John Hogan  
James Pendleton  
Abby Green  
Sandra Lenagan  
Dcn John Crooks  
Ann Crooks  
Paul McElheron  
Marrick Jones  
Tom Morley  
Emily Morley  
Nessa Cartwright  
Pauline Irvine  
Michael Cusack  
Brian Parle  
Rose Middleman  
Elizabeth Pritchard  
Elizabeth Francis  
Julie Davis  
Ina Tyson  
Nellie Hemmingway  
Tom Yates  
Joan Callaghan  
Michelle Boulton  
Fr. Gerry Britt  
Carol Geill  
Fr. Jim Clarkson  
Joshua Hayes  
Kathy Martin  
Blair Fowler  
Gerry Jones  
Margaret Burke  
Fr. Pat Harnett SCJ  
Pat Sugden  
Margaret Kennedy  
Clive Knight  
Kath Knight  
Adam Woods  
Tina Kennedy  
Marie Boner  
Mary Irish  
Martin Denson  
Jean McGuiness  
Anthony O?Sullivan  
Henry Henderson  
Peter Sales  
Rene Sales  
Elizabeth Esdaile  
Vincent Neal  
Alexander Neal  
Pam Morrissey  
Christina Nicholson-Walker  
Hugh Nicholson-Walker  
Jean Riley  
Peter Riley  
Indi Chainey  

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